Whirlpool Split Ac

Whirlpool is a brand which is trusted for its high quality products. Whirlpool has offered right cooling solutions for notorious Indian summers. The Whirlpool air conditioners are known for their quality, performance, functionality and affordability. Whirlpool Mastermind series of air conditioners are the intelligent cooling solutions, loaded with numerous features. These air conditioners are designed with best technology, design and unmatchable built quality. Whirlpool Split AC is the excellent choice for cooling your store or office or home if you do not have proper windows or openings to install AC.

Whirlpool offers various models of split ACs. These different models have different features and different capacity. If you want to install AC in the smaller area, you can go for 0.8 Ton or 1 Ton AC. For bigger areas, you can choose a 1.5 ton AC. Apart from functionality, affordability is one more excellent consideration attracting the consumers. These are highly energy efficient ACs and they save energy while operating.

Whirlpool Split ACs have various features like Low voltage start up, Spectrum wide Heat exchanger, 6th sense quick cool, 6th sense MPFI cooling system, 6th sense sleep, anti freeze thermostat, finger guard, auto restart, timer and others.

These energy efficient devices use less of energy. Compressor of these ACs starts at low voltage levels. You need not use a stabilizer to start the operations when there is voltage fluctuation. These air conditioners ensure the best air distribution by maximizing surface area. This is made possible by the unique angular design.

These split ACs from Whirlpool are designed with sixth sense technology. This 6th sense MPFI cooling system results in faster and efficient cooling of the space. Another feature 6th sense quick cool starts the operations with full power at 16 degree Celsius. This feature is great savior in high summers of May and June.

Apart from cooling features,these ACs are equipped with features which help elongate the life of the AC and helps increase its efficiency. Anti freeze thermostat helps increase the life of the compressor by preventing the ice formation at the evaporator. One more exciting and unique feature is the 6th sense sleep which sets the AC at night according to the metabolism of human body at night. It helps maintain right temperature at night so that you do not feel cold at night. Besides, it help reduces the energy consumption.

Whirlpool Split AC is excellent choice for the people who want good features but at an affordable price.

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