Whirlpool Window Ac

In countries like India weather is hot, most of the times. In the peak months of summer, it becomes quite difficult to do any kind of work. It reduces overall productivity. Air conditioners are the excellent devices which save people from this hassle. There are various reputed companies which offer good quality air conditioners. Whirlpool is a very popular brand providing world class home appliances and electronic products. Whirlpool Window AC is in great demand among large section of society. Whirlpool window AC is high quality product. It is durable, reliable and great energy saver.

This window ACs can be installed in any window or opening which has open space outside. When installed only the beautiful and trendy façade of the air conditioner is seen inside the room. Its bulky and heavy body stays out of the room. Whirlpool Window AC comes with a sophisticated remote. You can control it from a distance also without touching it. Whirlpool provides several sizes to choose from according to your requirement. For smaller rooms, you can choose 0.8 Ton air conditioner. In case of larger rooms, you can go for 1.5 ton and 2 ton windows air conditioners.

This Window AC is blessed with some very good features which make it great performer even in blistering summers. Some of the excellent features included in these air conditioners are 6th sense MPFI Cooling, Extra Cooling Coil, 6th Sense Sleep, 6th Sense Air Flow System, Low Voltage Start up and more.

Low Voltage start is unique feature which allows the air conditioner to start even at low voltage. Compressor does not need a stabilizer to start it. Spectrawide heat exchangers are there to ensure proper air distribution in the larger area. This feature differentiates these ACs from conventional air conditioners.

Another excellent feature is the 6th sense MPFI Cooling system which ensures faster and rapid cooling even at lower power consumption. 6th Sense Quick cool mode let the room cool at maximum output of 16 degree C for 30 minutes from the moment it is switched on. This feature is great respite in the season of peak summers when you come home after bearing excessive heat. Anti freeze thermostat helps increase the life of the compressor and the durability of the air conditioner. It prevents ice formation at the evaporator. 6th Sense sleep is the unique feature. It controls the optimum temperature at night. Besides, it helps in saving power consumption.

Whirlpool Window AC is an excellent buy if you are looking for high quality product to be part of your home.

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